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Hello Friends, Coaches

04/08/2016, 8:30am PDT
By Mike Moore


Hello Coaches, Parents, and Players please read this E-mail! Moore Management/O.C. Pride will continue to practice with our Youth at 6pm at the Map everyMonday and Wednesday nights. We will continue to stay local and play in Tournaments every other weekend. (2 Tournaments each Month). Please continue to pay the $280.00 a month on the first of the month. Our High School Program is still growing and we will have 1 Freshman, 1 Junior Varsity, and 3 17 and under Teams. The Initiation fee to play for us is $750.00, which most of  you have already paid. Please continue to pay the $280.00 a month on the first. Our Freshman and Junior Varsity Teams will continue to play locally. Our 3-17 and under Teams (Varsity) will play in the Tournament this weekend at the Map Pangos Spring Warm-up and Fountain Valley/ Westminster High School. (Look at the Schedule coming out this week) The Cost of the Tournament is $150.00. We leave to Las Vegas on April 14th in 2 Vans from the Map Sports Facility in Garden Grove at 10am and will try to practice in Las Vegas or Shoot around that night. The College Viewing period is April 15h-17th Pangos Spring Spectacular at Bishop Gorman High School. We will play on Friday-1 game, Saturday-2 Games,and Sunday 1-3 games. We  our keeping our Cost at $500.00 the same price we have charged since our first team played in 1989! Parents if you want your son to go and stay with you, this is fine. The Cost is still the same, everyone pays 500.00. We will play on April 22nd-24rth at the College Viewing period at the Pangos Spring Sweet 16 at Cerritos Junior College in Norwalk. Friday 1 game, Saturday- 2 Games, and Sunday- 1 game. The cost of the Tournament is $150.00 Some Parents have paid for the entire Season from February to August 1rst in Full! Thanks for doing this as you know we have a huge overhead! Our High School Teams will continue to practice at the Map Sports Facility from 7:30-9pm every Monday and Wednesday. We will be Training at the Map Sports Facility for Individual and Group lessons in the days and on Friday night from 6 to 7:30pm. Please make sure you wear your "March Madness Shirt" or North Carolina Jerseys to practice each week. If you want to buy additional Gear please look at our Website and talk to Coach Moore. Our Yearly Recruiting  Service is $2,500.00 and is $250.00 for High School players looking to play at Prep,Junior College, or College. We have the best Coaches and Trainers and we will all work with your sons and here is our current Staff of Coaches and we will hire one more. Coach Loftus-Hall of famer as a Coach/Teacher at Los Alamitos High School. He started Coaching Club Basketball in 1970s. He is very well respected in the Basketball and Coaching industry. He continues to go to our High School Players games, events, and meets our players a lot to eat. He is the Team Counselor,Mentor, Teacher,and Coach. Many compare him to John Wooden at the Club Level! Coach Casteneda grew up training and Playing for Coach Moore and O.C. Pride. He was one of the most dominant Players at the Youth and High School level, earing a Schlorship to Montana State a Division 1 School. Coach Casteneda has a great story and some of you can google it. He took a charge as a Junior in High School and pinched a nerve so he had to sto playing the game he loves. He is a Coach at Fountain Valley High School. He helps run practice and Coaches two teams. Coach Tucheck has helped Coach Moore for along time  and has been along time friend! He played at Long Beach Poly, Long Beach City College, and at the University of Hawaii, Hilo! He played against Coach Moore Overseas and played with him winning Games all over the world. He shares the ''Late Bloomer and Sweat Equity Story"! Coach Avila was one of our best players last year! He has been accepted to Ivy Leagues schools, ect. He is a great Student/Athlete and was one of the best Players in Orange County last year. Matt blew out his knee this year in the Tournament of Champions so is rehabbing and Coaching with us! He is one of the best Student/Athletes we have ever had off and on the Court! Coach Smith has been doing a good job helping our Youth Teams. He has been a very successful Coach at the Little League Baseball Level, F.N.L,and N.J.B. where he lead Los Alamitos to the Championship with the All-Star Team.  Coach Moore was a All-American High School player at Los Alamitos High School and still holds the longest record in C.I.F. He was the last player to lead the State in Assists and Scoring! Coach Moore went on to play College and Pro Basketball! He has Coached at the Youth, High School, College, and Pro level! He works with all of  the players and helps Coach each team. We have some Coaches coming in to help in a lot of areas:Coach Stover-Big man Workouts/Recruiting,David Greenwood-Big Man training and counseling. We will update others as well. Please follow us on,,,  and our website Home We will keep in close contact with your High School Coaches and do our best to help you off and on the court! Contact us at 714-335-6043 or E-mail us at mooremgt@yahoo.comThanks and we our looking forward to having fun and great year! Thanks, Moore Management

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